Tax Agency Warns Of A Series Of Scams By Email And SMS

The Tax Agency has warned that several cases of phishing by email and SMS have been detected . Cybercriminals send messages to victims impersonating the Administration to obtain their secret data.

As reported by the Agency, the scammers use the confidence of the victim in the veracity of the sender of the message to steal personal or banking data , either by referring him to a false web page that impersonates that of the Tax Agency or by making him download files with viruses.

What to do when these messages are received?
The Administration makes it very clear: “do not listen to these messages, it is an attempt at fraud impersonating the image of the Tax Agency . ” According to the entity, this type of practice is very common. For this reason, the Agency advises following a series of guidelines:

– Do not open messages from unknown or unsolicited users, delete them directly.?

– Do not reply in any case to these messages.

– Caution when following links in emails, even if they are from known contacts.

– Caution when downloading email attachments. Similarly, you have to be careful with known contacts.

In addition, it must be taken into account that the Tax Agency has reiterated on many occasions that it never requests confidential, financial or personal information by email or SMS , account numbers or taxpayer card numbers, nor does it attach attachments with invoice or other information type of data.

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