Awareness And Prevention Among Equals, Most Important Thing To Avoid Bullying

In the latest studies and reports that have been published, it is stated that bullying has decreased and cyberbullying has grown through social networks. But El Pupitre de Pilu considers that bullying is still a pending issue that must be worked on from an early age.

Pilu Hernández Dopico, teacher, trainer of trainers and CEO of the Pilu Desk points out that: “Sensitization and prevention among equals is the most important thing and this must be worked on throughout the educational community: centers and homes. We must give examples and work on it from an early age. You also have to give them escape routes “.

In this same sense, the expert emphasizes that bullying is a matter of values, ethics, and morals: “of what is good and what is not so good, of what can make you suffer or not, and to We have to be empathetic and put ourselves in the shoes of the other. If what we see we would not like them to do to us or to anyone in our family or friends, then I think we are all trained to detect bullying in classrooms, teachers and students Because the one who does it is as an accomplice as the one who sees it and keeps quiet “.

On the other hand, Pilu Hernández Dopico believes it is necessary for moms and dads to know how to detect if their child suffers from bullying , which is why he gives a series of recommendations to help parents in this task. The expert also details what steps we must follow when we are convinced that they are bullying her . In addition, it ensures that reading books that delve into this topic is essential for children, especially from an early age as it is important for raising awareness.

Finally, Hernández Dopico points out that it is important to discover if our children are the bullies, therefore he proposes some guidelines to detect it and also how we should face it. The expert concludes: “On some occasions, the child who is a bully outside the home is because at home he is the one being bullied.”

Five tips to detect if your child suffers from bullying
1. It isolates itself.

2. Make excuses for not going to school.

3. Stop eating.

4. You notice him sad or irascible.

5. You become listless.

Five steps to follow when you have already detected that your child is being bullied
1. Put yourself in the hands of a professional, it is normal that it costs you to speak and stereotype what has happened to you.

2. Give you tools to seek help.

3. Give them support, no one deserves to be harassed.

4. Boost your self-esteem a lot.

5. Help him find new friends.

Signs to detect if your child is the bully
1. Does he come from school with things that you have not seen before, toys, clothes?

2. Comes from school with money.

3. He is cruel to others, even at home.

What to do when this happens?

1. Talk to him.

2. Help him understand that others suffer.

3. Go to a professional.

4. Don’t use violent behavior at home.

Books to work bullying for the little ones
1. The club of the brave: Daniel thought that all problems were solved with “the law of the strongest”, but everything changes when Alan appears?

2. Red: short and easy to understand for the little ones. A girl who lives in fear of exposing the bully in class.

3. It all started as a trivial thing. Pablo blushed and it was funny. But when everyone started laughing at him, he wasn’t so funny anymore. How can bullying be stopped ? A very special story that tells us about children who are not strong enough to face bullying .

4. I’m going with me: an ideal story to work on self-esteem and bullying , to work with the little ones to accept themselves as they are. The protagonist falls in love, but the boy ignores her and his friends tell him to remove things from his appearance and even his personality. What starts out as a game ends up not being able to recognize itself

Books to work on bullying for children from 6th grade of primary school
1. The end of the parenthesis: Marina has to change cities with her family suddenly. In the new institute he will be a victim of bullying .

2. Face to face: surely you have ever made fun of someone or seen how they did it. If so, this is your book.

3. Invisible: there was the bully, but also of those who are silent, of those who look the other way: classmate, teacher and even the director of the center ??, speaks of parents too busy to care for their children. Talk about when we stop being visible to become invisible even from our own parents.

The Great Writer and The Passionate Poet As Well, He Graduated from University Of Florida in Journalism and Brad have around 12 years of experience in news and media section.

Sam Brad

Sam Brad

The Great Writer and The Passionate Poet As Well, He Graduated from University Of Florida in Journalism and Brad have around 12 years of experience in news and media section.

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