44% Of Spaniards Will Spend Between 200 And 500 Euros At This School Year Start

The arrival of September means the end of the holidays, the return to daily routines and, for children and adolescents, the beginning of a new school year. Privalia part of Veepee ?? the leading online outlet in Spain ?? has analyzed how Spaniards prepare for the financial expense of “going back to school.”

According to the results obtained, 44% of Spaniards will spend between 200 and 500 euros at the beginning of the 2021 school year . 40% of families expect to spend between 50 and 200 euros, while 16% say that the expense will exceed 500 ??.

Compared to the previous year, this investment has increased for 45% of families , mainly due to the amount of material to buy (57%) and the number of children in school (41%). For 46% of families, spending will be very similar to that of 2020, and it only decreases in 9% of cases.

Clothes and school supplies, the most demanded
The 48% of Spaniards ensures that your shopping list is very similar to that of the previous year. What Spaniards will buy the most will be school supplies (78%), footwear (69%), clothing (62%), books (56%) and sportswear (53%), among others. The sanitary material will continue to be essential, since 32% of Spaniards affirm that they will take these products (such as masks and hydroalcoholic gel) into account when preparing to go back to school.

As for the time of purchase, only 34% of Spaniards have taken advantage of the summer sales to make their purchases and equip themselves before the start of the school year. 32% did so during the month of August, while 1 in 3 Spaniards will wait until September to make their purchases. On the other hand, only 4% of families organize a return to routine before starting the holidays, when the school year is still active.

The mobile remains the favorite shopping channel
Online shopping continues to boom. A reality that has also been increased as a result of the pandemic, and that is consolidating in our country. According to the Privalia study from Veepee, 64% of Spaniards will make most of their “round trip” purchases through mobile phones , which remains the most used device for the second consecutive year.

However, most Spaniards combine online purchases with face-to-face purchases. Thus, 56% of families assure that they will make purchases in physical stores, whether they are department stores or small establishments.

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