New Edition Of The Entrepreneurship Program Turn Your Idea Into A Business

The Area of ​​Economy, Innovation and Employment of the Zaragoza City Council has launched the second edition of this program in which entrepreneurs will receive training in different subjects to turn their business project into reality.

This program, which is articulated through Zaragoza Activa, is open to all those who have an idea, desire, enthusiasm and the availability to carry it out.

“The ideas are the people and from the City Council we are here to help them make them come true, to accompany them. Zaragoza Activa also offers different possibilities, it is not a closed menu but it adapts to the needs of each of the entrepreneurs, because there are different itineraries “, explains the Minister of Economy, Innovation and Employment of the City of Zaragoza, Carmen Herrarte, in the presentation of the new program.

Interested persons have a deadline to sign up until September 15 through After selecting the “most interesting” ideas from among all those received, Zaragoza Activa will provide specific training, support and community in order to that participants can share knowledge and “weave professional support networks”. All this agglutinated in the ZAC route, the entrepreneurship route.

The training process will begin at the Zaragoza Activa public school on September 27 and will last until the end of the year. In this way, the 25 entrepreneurs will have 120 free hours of training dedicated to developing the business model of the idea, the legal framework, communication and digitization, entrepreneurial skills, financing and accounting. “There are entrepreneurs who have good ideas but do not have tools to develop them, here we are going to give them to them,” adds the counselor.

Once this training is completed, those who want to continue working within the entrepreneurial ecosystem will have the possibility of integrating within La Colaboradora, Zaragoza Activa’s collaborative entrepreneurship ecosystem.

In addition, depending on the type of project to be launched, it may be prototyped at La Remolacha HackLab or be part of Made in Zaragoza, Zaragoza’s creative economy network. All this with the possibility of using an initial workspace, accessing the coworking of La Colaboradora or the acceleration space of El Brinco.

First edition balance
In the first call for this program, which took place between March and June of this year, more than 130 ideas were received. After the analysis, a total of 30 stayed to work on promoting their project. Currently, about twenty of those first ideas continue on their way, either individually or through the channels offered by Zaragoza Activa.

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