The Watch With Which Samsung Wants To Beat The Apple Watch

Samsung is about to revolutionize the smartwatch sector with the renewal of its Galaxy Watch range; A revolution that has leaked ahead of time, with the publication of the design of the new Galaxy Watch Active 4.

Google has finally put the batteries together, and after several unsuccessful attempts to conquer the wearables market, it has decided to join with Samsung to modernize and improve its Wear OS system. Many of the features that we have been enjoying for years on the Apple Watch will finally be available, in addition to new ones.

Samsung will be among the first to use this platform, thanks to the collaboration with Google that has involved including some parts of its own system, Tizen. The Korean company is expected to present its new range on June 28 , in a virtual presentation at MWC 2021.

But OnLeaks and GizNext have gone ahead, publishing rendered images of the new “Active” model, that is, the one designed for users who want to exercise with their watch. The new model would be available in four colors: black, silver, green and gold, and would have a completely renewed design.

To begin with, the watch itself is completely different, especially in the area where it meets the strap; a strap that, by the way, now does not leave open spaces. That, together with the new button design, makes this watch very different from its predecessor; although the round design that Samsung has opted for is maintained.

The possible design of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 4
The watch will be made of aluminum, and will be available in two sizes: 40 and 44 mm . The round screen will have thinner edges and will be protected by 2D glass (so it will not be curved). Inside you will have a new 5nm processor; The Galaxy Watch already outperforms other smartwatches, but the change should bring it closer to the Apple Watch.

And that is Samsung’s goal, both with the Galaxy Watch Active and with the normal version: to occupy part of the Apple Watch market, a task that until now has been impossible. The Apple Watch is the best-selling wearable by far, and the alternatives, first with Android Wear and then with Wear OS, have not succeeded.

For now, a possible advantage would be in the price. The “Active” version shouldn’t cost much more than the current version, which has a RRP of 179 euros but can be found on sale for 100 euros. The full version of the Galaxy Watch will probably be another story, with the third generation topping 350 euros these days.

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