Spanish Government Insists On Prohibition Of Temporary Employment For More Than Three Years

The Minister of Territorial Policy and Public Function, Miquel Iceta, has said that the proposal that the Government is studying for public employment will prohibit temporary employment for more than three years and will sanction the administrations that contract with fraud of the law. The Socialist leader has also advanced that he has advanced that the Council of Ministers next week or the following week will see the approval of the decree law on the process of stabilization of public employment.

Iceta has thus responded in the Plenary of Congress to an interpellation of the CC deputy, Ana Oramas, of the Mixed Group, about the solution that the Government is going to give to the situation of “law fraud due to abuse of temporary employment” public both in the Canary Islands and in the rest of the State.

Oramas has indicated that it affects “hundreds of thousands of people”, who have suffered “permanent fraud in their hiring”, and has asked the Executive to approve “a pardon for a crime committed by public administrations” and assume their responsibilities in defense of acquired rights.

It has been asked what problem there is to give them stability until their retirement, because the oppositions are not a way out for those who have been developing their work for decades, and has specified that there are a million temporary public workers, of which 700,000 are women , “de an age when they will never find work again. ”

The minister has indicated that yesterday a monitoring Commission was held on this matter and tomorrow there will be a sectoral conference, in which the Government’s proposal will be presented, and that “shortly” a Council of Ministers will see the decree law on temporality in public administrations.

Iceta has announced that temporary employment will be prohibited for more than three years, which will imply the reform of the basic statute of public employees , will try to provide stability and compensate those affected, some 800,000, and will “punish” the public administrations “that have shown negligence for having contracted with fraud of law “.

A problem of more than 30 years
The head of Public Function has indicated that it is a problem that has been dragging on for 30 years and that by law a person who is not an official cannot be made an official, so those who do not pass the tests will remain in a job bank of interim.

Oramas has insisted that a solution must be found for those affected, which are not the opposition, and has asked if the agreements that the autonomous governments can reach with the unions will be respected outside of state negotiation.

Iceta has stated that the tests will be special competitions in which the experience will be told and that the autonomous communities and local entities “will have a margin”, because they do not want to lose “the experience and talent of so many people.”

Peter Barzilai is a high school pitcher and college rower turned longtime World News journalist. Peter has also written for Buzz Feed and Huffington Post and many other major publications, Peter Loves everything about sports and loves to write on trending topics and he is CryptoNewsMarket member since 2017.

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