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Members of the PL the party of Jair Bolsonaro

Members of the PL the party of Jair Bolsonaro articulate the overthrow of the presidential veto of the bill that establishes a new program for the installment of debts for micro and small companies

One of the defenders of the overthrow of the veto is Senator Wellington Fagundes PLMT leader of the Vanguarda bloc composed of PL PSC and DEM who believes that there will be no difficulties in convincing other parliamentarians as the proposal had expressive approval in both the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies

We are working to ensure that the veto is overturned And as it had almost unanimous approval I believe that there will be no difficulties in convincing it not least because the government itself is flexible he says

Fagundes will ask the president of Congress Rodrigo Pacheco PSDMG that the matter be considered with priority on the return of activities in February

Economic indicators clearly show that micro and small companies employ more than 70 of the workforce with a formal contract and they were severely affected by the pandemic The project is of paramount importance even more so at this moment who employs and who works so that we can face this health crisis he adds

The articulation for the overthrow of the veto also takes place in the Chamber of Deputies According to party leaders and deputy leaders heard by the report the assessment is that the project is important given the economic scenario which registers high unemployment rates and doubledigit inflation

The proposal approved in August by the Senate and in December by the Chamber established the LongTerm Renegotiation Program for debts with the National Treasury or within the scope of Simples Nacional and the Contribution for Intervention in the Economic Domain intended to fund lines of credit

The program would benefit small and microenterprises as well as individual microentrepreneurs the MEIs with the payment of debts in up to 15 years The matter would allow the renegotiation of R 50 billion of debts

The text suggested in addition to the granting of installments to indebted companies discounts on interest fines and charges that would be proportional to the drop in billing in the period from March to December 2020 compared to the same months in 2019

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