100 of Interest Fines and Legal Charges Imposed on Dealers

The presidential veto in turn took place on January 7 this year According to Palácio do Planalto the rejection follows a statement by the Ministry of Economy and the Attorney Generals Office which argue that the legislative proposal is unconstitutional and contrary to the public interest revenue waiver

After the presidential veto which caused negative reactions in the legislative houses the Ministry of Economy announced a program so that companies registered in Simples and MEI can settle tax debts with an entry of 1 of the value

The down payment of 1 can be divided into up to eight months and the rest of the debt is paid in up to 137 months with a discount of up to 100 of interest fines and legal charges This discount is limited to 70 of the total debit amount Discounts are calculated based on each companys ability to pay The minimum installment is R100 or R25 in the case of individual microentrepreneurs

Last Monday 24 the decision of the Managing Committee of Simples Nacional was published in the DOU Official Journal of the Union which maintains adherence to the program until January 31 and the extension of the deadline for the regularization of debts until March 31

However the Federal Revenue warned that although the deadline has been extended companies must formalize the request by January 31 2022 1232006 he says

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