Crypto Price of supplies can vary by up to 381% between Coins

The price of a box of modeling clay in six colors, from the same brand, crypto vary by up to 381.11% from one coin to another on the internet. This is what a survey carried out by Fundação Procon in São Paulo showed , in which eight shopping sites in Brazil were taken as a basis. In one of these stores, a certain product cost R$ 2.70. In another, the same product was sold for R$ 12.99.

The survey was carried out between the 7th and 10th of December last year. In it, the price of items such as a sharpener, eraser, notebook, ballpoint and hydrographic pens, glue sticks and liquid, crayons, colored pencil case, black pencil, mechanical pencil, highlighter, model, bond paper, binder refill, ruler, school scissors and finger paint.

For the price comparison, only products that were sold on at least three of the websites visited were considered. The sites that served as the basis for the research are from companies Amazon, Americanas, Gimba, Kalunga, Lepok, Livrarias Curitiba, Magazine Luiza and Papelaria Universitária.

Compared to the prices that were charged between November 17 and 19, 2020, there was an average increase of 15.96%, reported Procon.

To save on the purchase of school supplies, Procon’s recommendation is that consumers try to reuse material they have at home or do a price survey before buying. In addition, Procon recommends that an exchange of textbooks be promoted among students.

“The price difference is outrageous. Consumers need to research before making their purchase. More than ever, you need to join forces, and when parents come together, purchasing power increases a lot. With this, it is possible to negotiate better values, and everyone wins.

Don’t accept abusive prices, look for other establishments, shop online, but don’t pay more than the average practiced by the market. The research we carried out serves precisely to help consumers in this mission of finding products at the best prices”, said Fernando Capez, director of Procon-SP.

According to Procon, the consumer should also be aware: the list of school supplies cannot include items for collective use, such as hygiene or cleaning.

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