The $ 54 Billion Trial, Wright Is Recognized As The Father Of Bitcoin

Everything related to bitcoin seems to be shrouded in an aura of mystery and speculation in equal measure. You just have to look at the turmoil around its creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. A pseudonym after which several businessmen have claimed to be, including Craig Wright and the family of his late partner, David Kleiman. The latest chapter in the bitcoin authorship dispute comes from Florida, where a court has ruled in Wright’s favor, meaning he can keep about $ 54 billion in the cryptocurrency .

It all started in 2016, when Australian businessman Craig Wright claimed to be the person behind Satoshi Nakamoto , the name that appears in the founding documents of bitcoin. Soon after, Kleiman’s brother Ira filed a civil lawsuit on their behalf claiming that they were both Nakamoto , for which they were entitled to half of the cryptocurrency cache.

Now, a federal jury in Miami has rejected six of the seven lawsuits filed against Wright for the distribution of approximately 1.1 million bitcoins . These are the first created through mining, those that can only be owned by the person or entity involved with the cryptocurrency from its origin, that is, its creator.

In addition to granting the authorship of the cryptocurrency to the Australian businessman, the verdict obliges him to pay 100 million dollars in compensatory damages for a violation of the intellectual property rights related to the company that both shared, according to CNBC . The money will go to W&K Info Defense Research rather than the Kleiman family estate.

Bitcoin, a funding source for white supremacists
Being the first to arrive, when it comes to cryptocurrencies, usually means a hefty amount of money. Those who bet on digital currencies in their early days have been rewarded with tens of millions of dollars. According to a publication by the NGO Southern Poverty Law Center , some of those investors were white supremacists and supporters of the extreme right .

Figures such as Andrew Auernheimer, Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer website, and right-wing commentator Stefan Molyneux, were some of the names who bet on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and made huge profits that has allowed them to “live comfortably while promoting hate. and authoritarianism. ”

The report maintains that “there is nothing inherently criminal or extreme about” the cryptocurrency . However, he points out that the “early adoption of the cryptocurrency by the far right” should be analyzed, as it has served them to expand their movement, as well as hide their sources of funding.

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