An App To Capture Cryptocurrencies With Augmented Reality

Capturing Bitcoins as if they were Pokémon through an augmented reality video game will be possible shortly. Niantic, the developers of the Pokémon Go application are collaborating with Fold, a company that created an app that allows you to earn Bitcoins through debit card purchases, to make this game possible.

Its creation is called ‘Fold AR’ and, with this platform that is “part of the metaverse”, players will be able to obtain Bitcoin rewards on their mobile device by immersing themselves in augmented reality .

According to the Fold company, the video game is practically identical to Pokémon Go. However, instead of catching Pokémon, users will be able to collect cryptocurrencies . This is a ” metaphor for Bitcoin mining “, as the Pokémon creatures will be replaced by cubes that players will have to hit to get small pieces of BTC.

The application uses the mapping technology that Niantic uses for Pokémon Go. This has been combined with the functions that Fold has to obtain rewards of the famous virtual currency.

Through Fold AR, people will be able to collect rewards of about 1/20 Satoshis (SATS). Currently, this translates to $ 0.000587 , according to CoinMarketCap . Therefore, its value is too low at the moment.

The blocks that can be ‘mined’ will be rebuilt every 10 minutes at a distance of between 1 and 15 minutes. In this way, if players dedicate a good part of their time to the app , they will be able to earn a large amount of SATS.

” Anyone can use our app to earn Bitcoin and other rewards by exploring the world around them,” considers Fold CEO Will Reeves. It’s always been important to us to make participating in the Bitcoin economy easy for anyone, regardless of their education or technical experience . ”

Although the app is available for iOS and Android , it is not possible to use it in Spain. The platform is still in the testing phase and the countries in which it will finally be added are not known.

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