Promotion For Those Who Buy Bitcoin Through 99Pay

Anyone who buys Bitcoin through the 99Pay app can participate in a promotion, where they will earn cashback of 40% of the amount purchased.

Part of company 99, one of Uber’s biggest competitors in Brazil in the mobility and transport of food for customers sector. In addition, the 99Pay division intends to be a fintech with a strong presence in the Brazilian market, with a focus on Generation Z.

Recently, the company then announced the availability of users who take races with its app to earn Bitcoin cashback. In addition, the app allows the purchase of Bitcoin, showing that large companies are aware of digital currency.

Limited time promotion will give 40% cashback for those who buy Bitcoin through 99Pay
To attract new users to its app, 99Pay launched an unusual campaign, which will give cashback of 40% of the value purchased in Bitcoin. This option will have a limit of R$ 20.00.

Through the application, users have the option to purchase at least R$ 25.00 in Bitcoin. In other words, whoever buys R$50.00 through the app during this promotion can earn the R$20.00, which is an attractive cashback for users.

“Thus, for every purchase in fractions of Bitcoin of at least R$25 within the new 99Pay app, the user receives an additional 40% of the amount invested in cashback also in Bitcoin (limited to R$20). This promotion is for a limited time, but the idea is that the new 99Pay app will carry out other promotions with a cashback bonus in Bitcoin for its users.”

99Pay with Bitcoin integration was released in early November 2021 , at which time the solution was introduced and testing began. Going forward, 99Pay has indicated that it will launch other promotions involving Bitcoin.

affiliate program
Another campaign launched recently for its users is the opportunity to earn up to R$ 50.00 by referring people to the app. The guest must register and register a PIX within the system, at which time he will earn R$ 10.00 and whoever referred him R$ 5.00.

“Still aiming to expand access to technology, those who recommend friends to download the new 99Pay app can earn up to R﹩50 as a bonus. To receive the benefit, the user must share the link with the indicated person who, in turn, must download the app, complete the registration and make a Pix within the 99Pay app. At the end of the transaction, the person who made the recommendation earns R﹩5.00 (the bonus is limited to ten referrals) and the entrant earns another R﹩10 bonus”.

99Pay also has a social network in its application, and all solutions are designed to serve Generation Z, those people born in the late 1990s until 2010.

The application is part of the global company Didi Chuxing (“DiDi”) and in Brazil it connects people to mobility, payment and delivery services.

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