Marta Ortega will be non-executive president of Inditex

Marta Ortega, daughter of the founder of Inditex Amancio Ortega , will occupy the position of non-executive president of the textile group as of April 1 , and will have the legal status of proprietary director.

As explained in a brief press conference held this Tuesday by the current president of the Spanish group, Pablo Isla, the chief executive of Inditex will be Óscar García Maceiras, until now the company’s general secretary, who will replace Carlos Crespo as CEO with effect righ now.

Marta Ortega, new president of the giant Inditex
“Marta has been working with us for fifteen years, in all areas of the company. She has promoted many initiatives, has very directly supervised issues related to Zara’s image, campaigns … She is a person who knows the company very well “, Isla has underlined.

Asked by journalists, the president of Inditex, who will continue to hold office until March 31, has advanced that Ortega “will continue to be very involved with the product , he will continue to monitor Zara’s image and its fashion proposal.”

In addition, “she is going to exercise her functions as president of the Board of Directors,” said Isla, who has clarified that her qualification for the purposes of director ” will be that of proprietary, representing the shareholding.”

“It is a corporate governance structure that in Spain may not be so common , although there are cases, but in very relevant companies in many other European countries or outside Europe,” he said.

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