Vaccination Certificate And Demand to Control Multitudinary Events for Christmas

With its sights set on winter and the festivities of December, the Basque Country seeks to anticipate possible outbreaks and Health has announced that it is going to request authorization from the TSJPV to be able to demand the Covid passport in nightlife establishments, discos or places where there are activities dance, and also in those establishments with a capacity of more than 50 diners.

This is due to the fact that here there are special circumstances that promote the spread of the virus, such as the intake of food and drink, or the noise that forces us to raise our voices and that promote the expulsion of aerosols.

“We must wait for the court’s response. But we want the passport to serve as an accreditation to be able to access those spaces where the risk of transmission of the virus is high,” says counselor Sagardui.

“It is necessary to adopt complementary measures to those already provided for in the order of October 6 in those municipalities that exceed 150 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Such as suspending or postponing the celebration of all those activities where preventive measures cannot be guaranteed. About all in those that incorporate the intake of drinks and food. Appointment, for example the counselor activities such as fairs, exhibitions or even excursions.

In the opinion of Health, in these events it is convenient to reinforce the measures, increase the space for the public or establish transit corridors to facilitate the flow of people. And of course, when possible, organize activities outside because they are safer.

“Health establishes a framework and the municipalities establish the measures substantiated in that order”, Sagardui details to explain how it will be carried out.

For this, the bulletin will be sent twice a week, Monday and Thursday to facilitate the possibility of knowing the situation of the municipalities and facilitate the work of the consistories.

These new guidelines are due to the fact that “the pandemic is progressing in a worrying way and is growing rapidly,” according to the counselor. Also the prospects are not good because of the trend. for the next few days is to continue to increase.

“Although the condition is not yet being seen in hospitals, it is essential to slow its progression before it progresses,” says Sagardui.

And that as she herself admits, “vaccination has meant a before and after. And we have reached 90% of the target population.” The vaccination indicator is essential to monitor where the infections are.

This is what is called the wave of the vaccinated. In fact, in the Basque Country, 17% of people between 30 and 39 years old and 21% between 20 and 29 years old, and 13% between 16 and 19 years old have not received the complete immunization schedule. In addition, the group under 12 years of age has not been able to get vaccinated because there is no pediatric solution.

“These data must be crossed with the incidence of the pandemic. That is why there is a higher incidence among those under 12 years of age and those in their thirties,” says the counselor.

Sagardui also indicates that “the obligation of the vaccine is not contemplated because the legal framework is what it is.” She adds that the vast majority of healthcare professionals are vaccinated.

“In the health field I would like it to be 100%, I do not deny it. And that is why we continue to encourage all workers to be vaccinated,” she concludes.

The negative evolution of the pandemic causes the Basque Country to want to impose the obligatory nature of the Covid passport which guarantees that the complete vaccination schedule is followed in nightlife venues and restaurants.

But to prevent the courts from overthrowing the orders of the Basque Government to fight the pandemic, as has happened previously, it will first ask the judges for permission.

In addition, certain celebrations would also be at risk, such as the Ardoaraba fair or the Christmas Market in Vitoria, since extreme precautions must be taken in events with large crowds of people.

In fact, the Basque Government asks to suspend or postpone the celebration of all those activities where preventive measures can not be guaranteed in towns with more than 150 cases of Covid incidence. Especially in those activities that incorporate the intake of food and drink.

The new guidelines of the Basque Government are also aimed at suspending those events in which large crowds and public gatherings occur. That is, in those in which prevention measures cannot be guaranteed.

And this refers to all the municipalities of the Basque Country that have more than 150 infections. Not only those over 5,000 inhabitants, as has been happening until now.
This means that more than a hundred Basque towns would be in these circumstances, 40 of them with more than 5,000 inhabitants. The maximum risk map is located in Gipuzkoan territory.

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