Bitcoin GAS fees Tries to Pressure Justice in Payment Message

On Monday 8, Bitcoin GAS Consultoria released a video in which it proposes to try to pressure the authorities to release the companys creator Glaidson dos Santos

In the statement two presenters read a letter from the law firm Machado responsible for the defense of GAS According to the message the fact that Glaidson is in jail makes it difficult to reach an agreement and release the money

The defense also emphasizes that in its opinion the arrest of Glaidson in addition to being unnecessary makes the task of seeking a consensual solution with the authorities much more difficult given the known precarious conditions of communication that result from the prison situation.

It is not clear why the conditions of communication are difficult Glaidson has full access to his defense team who act as a prosecutor on his behalf and can contact the authorities any time of day and night

Victim of My Bitcoin Foot encounters the coups creator and is threatened with a knife see video In the video the defense says that Glaidson is innocent but is considering a deal to resolve the situation

Considering that the time of Justice is very different from the time of its clients needs GAS CONSULTORIA is not shying away from reaching agreements with the authorities responsible for the investigation in order to solve the problem as quickly as possible

Glaidson doesnt just face financial crimes charges On October 27 the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro released the indictment of the owner of GAS for attempted murder The Pharaoh of Bitcoin is suspected of ordering the murder of Nilson Alves da Silva in March of this year

Both were competitors in the moneyraising market claiming that they would invest in cryptocurrencies Nilsinho as the victim is known would have told people to take the money from GAS Consultoria and pass it on to him.

The attack took place on March 20 of this year when a car pulled up beside Nilsons vehicle during a red light The four men allegedly hired by Pharaoh fired six shots Nilson was shot and is blind and paraplegic from the attack.

In the end the company asks its customers for strength and prayers stating that this is a passing moment and that everything will be just a memory soon.

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