Lidl Will Invest 1500 Million To Open 150 Stores

Lidl’s real estate expansion project in Spain and the Community of Madrid contemplates a total investment of 1,500 million euros between 2021 and 2024, a growth plan that includes both the opening of new supermarkets and logistics platforms.

The plan drawn up by the German chain’s Expansion & Real Estate area will result in the launch of more than 150 new stores throughout Spain, as well as four new warehouses in Nanclares de la Oca (Vitoria), which will open in October , Escúzar (Granada), Martorell (Barcelona) and Parla (Madrid).

In 2021 alone, the company is investing more than 400 million euros in the opening of some 40 new stores and the Nanclares warehouse, and plans to close the year with at least more than 1,000 new jobs.

This strategic plan, recalls the chain, reaffirms Lidl’s commitment to Spain and gives continuity to the growth of recent years and that places it with more than 630 establishments, 11 logistics platforms and over 17,000 employees.

Madrid, the big bet
With a presence since 1994, the Community of Madrid plays a decisive role in Lidl’s business in Spain, being a key location for its future development at the national level. Thus, the Lidl Expansion area in Madrid focuses on the search for better locations, as well as on a sustainable and efficient construction.

If in 2021, the company will open 11 new stores in the Community of Madrid, Lidl has announced that, between 2021 and 2024, it plans to launch more than 50 new stores in the Community, in addition to the Parla warehouse, which will mean a total investment of more than 200 million and 1,200 new jobs.

Lidl’s activity in the Community of Madrid already generates some 12,500 jobs, between direct, indirect and induced, according to a study by the consulting firm PwC. This volume of activity also translates into an impact on the Community’s GDP of more than 575 million euros per year, which represents 0.27% of its total GDP.

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