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The Abat Oliba CEU University (UAO CEU) and the Santa Teresa de Jesús de Ávila Catholic University (UCAV) have inaugurated the degree in Philosophy that they begin to teach in this course. They have done it in a ceremony to welcome the students. The act has been presided over by an invocation of the love of knowledge “as a good in itself”.

This is the attitude “typical of the student of Philosophy”, has observed the director of the degree and dean of the Faculty of Communication, Education and Humanities of the UAO CEU, Enrique Martínez. Knowing “must not be sought for its immediate usefulness. The end is in the same wisdom that is sought.” Along these lines, he has called to “flee from utilitarianism and pragmatism that exists so much in academic settings”

In his exposition, he has relied on the words of Saint Augustine to explain the pillars of this new degree: “Philosophy is to love, seek, achieve, retain and embrace wisdom.” In keeping with this, he has defended a Philosophy rooted in reality. It is not about getting lost in the world of ideas but about “looking at reality and wondering that something exists.”

Martínez also considers that the incorporation of Philosophy studies implies a good for the whole of university teaching, due to its role as “computer and backbone of the knowledge of the university”.

The Dean of Social and Legal Sciences, Lourdes Miguel, has expressed her certainty that the degree in Philosophy “will provide knowledge beyond the academic” and will contribute to her “personal growth.”

The rectors of the UAO CEU and the UCAV, who will teach the degree jointly, also took part in the event . The rector of the UCAV, María del Rosario Sáez, has observed that “if the main mission of the university is to seek the truth, this degree comes to contribute to this task.” And the rector of the UAO CEU, Rafael Rodríguez-Ponga has highlighted that the degree is aligned with the “intention to deepen the Humanities”, that is, “in everything that helps them understand themselves as human beings”.

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