Bitcoin Core Launches Trial Version Of Its Client To Evaluate Taproot

The version of the Bitcoin Core client that integrates the Taproot solution, activated with the so-called speedy trial , was already launched in its version exclusively for testing, by developers of this client yesterday, Monday, April 19.

The release candidate version , that is, candidate for release, is a trial version of the software that is planned to be released later with the next update of the Bitcoin Core client.

This version includes the rapid test or speedy trial for the activation of Taproot, a widely discussed (and expected) scalability solution that will bring privacy benefits and efficient transaction management in Bitcoin.

The release candidates ( or rc) are the test version for the final releases. As long as no issues are detected in this candidate, this release will be named as client 0.21.1 ″ reported contributor Wladimir van der Laan on the Bitcoin Core developer mailing list , referring to version 0.21.1, the most current of this client.

This is the ‘official’ testing software for evaluating Taproot on Bitcoin
The debate for the activation of Taproot reached a consensus around the BIP-8 ( Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 8 ) or Bitcoin improvement proposal. The BIP-8 is a mechanism to make a soft fork in the protocol, which would be activated after a short period of time in which the miners would signal their support to Taproot.

However, the debate focused mainly on what would happen when the stipulated time expired. The Lock-in On Timeout (LOT) parameter has two possibilities: LOT = false and LOT = true.

With LOT = false , Taproot would not be implemented in Bitcoin if more than 90% of the miners do not signal their approval of this implementation. From there, another activation method would be chosen for Taproot.

With LOT = true , once the stipulated time has passed, the network nodes would stop accepting blocks that do not include Taproot . This method is mainly supported by developers and community members who think scenarios should not be repeated where miners can hinder the activation of Taproot, implementing this solution by force in the protocol without risk of being banned.

However, due to the differences between developers regarding LOT = false and LOT = true, the concept of speedy trial emerged , a rapid test that stipulates a period of 3 months for miners to take a position against Taproot. If the miners support the solution within this period, Taproot would be activated later this year, after another period for the nodes to update.

In response to the speedy trial , which was integrated into the Bitcoin Core code on April 15, other developers in disagreement decided to launch a version of the Bitcoin Core client that integrates Taproot using the BIP-8 method and the LOT = True parameter, from independently.

As we reported in CriptoNoticias , this was criticized by other developers and by the community, as the way it was published and promoted, independently of the main Bitcoin Core code repository, generated confusion and uncertainty about whether this is actually the software. to run.

Running this client, called Bitcoin Core 0.21.0-based Taproot Client 0.1, which uses the LOT = true parameter, is the responsibility of each user and is not recommended by most Bitcoin developers. In comments provided to CriptoNoticias , Jeremy Rubin assured:

It makes sense to have the code ready to run when the time comes, but not launch it until after the speedy trial failed , in a more coordinated way. Telling users to run it is confusing. Especially since they promote it as if Bitcoin Core has not integrated Taproot.

The Bitcoin Core test client for Taproot has already been added to the main GitHub repository for this client, for user evaluation.

The Great Writer and The Passionate Poet As Well, He Graduated from University Of Florida in Journalism and Brad have around 12 years of experience in news and media section.

Sam Brad

Sam Brad

The Great Writer and The Passionate Poet As Well, He Graduated from University Of Florida in Journalism and Brad have around 12 years of experience in news and media section.

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