Meet the World’s Biggest Pesticide Consumers in The Market

An article published in Issue 100 of Revista Oeste shows that, contrary to what environmentalists say, the bill that changes the legislation on agricultural pesticides will make vegetables produced in Brazil even healthier.

“Although it is pointed out as one of the biggest users of pesticides in the world, proportionally Brazil does not top the ranking of countries that spend the most on agricultural pesticides by the amount of food produced. Japan tops the list, with just 8 kilograms harvested for every dollar invested.

In Europe, the average is 58 kilos (in France, for example, it’s 50 kilos) and, in the United States, 94 kilos/dollar. Brazil produces more than 140 kilos of food for every dollar invested in pesticides, thanks to the technological efficiency of its production.”

“In the ranking of countries that use pesticides the most per hectare, Brazil is in sixth place (less than 4.9 kilos per hectare/year) . The Netherlands wins the gold medal, with 20.8 kilos/hectare/year. They are followed by Japan (17.5), Belgium (12); France (6) and England (5.8).”

“ The presence of Brazil among the countries that use pesticides the most in total volume is explained by the large territorial dimension of its agriculture and the tropical climate, where the incidence of fungi, insects and weeds is high. On the other hand, the country’s environmental characteristics allow planting practically in four seasons and harvesting up to three crops per year. Due to these conditions, the country needs to invest in pesticides in the 12 months of the year, while countries such as Russia, the United States, Canada and Norway use these products only in the hottest periods. This is because, in the Northern Hemisphere, snow covers the ground during the winter, which in itself contributes to pest control.”

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