How to receive alerts when bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies reach a certain price

Those who are investing in cryptocurrencies would surely like to have price alert systems that immediately notify notices in rising situations, in this way, users could sell what they have or buy at a certain price.

In case you did not know, there is a website to create alerts for different cryptocurrencies , for this, you must follow the following steps:

1) Access the website to create notifications for free and receive notifications by email, Discord, Telegram or Slack. Triggers can be defined based on target price, volatility, or period.

2) The type of alert can be defined when the price of the currency reaches a specific objective, increases its percentage during a certain period of time and you can set price alerts for every morning.

3) Through the configuration options you can design the alerts depending on the cryptocurrency and trading platform chosen. The target price can also be marked and you will have to indicate the way in which you will receive the notification .

4) The last step is to specify an alert note to remind yourself why the alarm is being set. In addition, these alerts will be activated when the price meets the requirements and the payback period will define the amount of time that must elapse until the next notice is sent.

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