European Stock Markets Have Closed After 39 Years in Market

The European stock markets have closed with moderate cuts in a session marked by the CPI data for November in the US which has risen to 6.8%, in line with expectations and at a high of 39 years. ½os. Again lagging behind, the Ibex has chained its third session to the downside, with a fall of 0.47% to 8,360.20 points. During the week, the selective Spanish has revalued 1.4% thanks to the strong advances on Monday and Tuesday.

The European stock markets have dismissed the week with moderate cuts in a session in which the focus of investors was divided into two fronts the evolution of the pandemic and the CPI data for November in the US. Inflation has met expectations and rose to 6.8% in November from 6.2% previously marking its highest level in 39 years.

This evolution may determine the decision made by the Federal Reserve regarding the pace of withdrawal of monetary stimuli at next week’s meeting. Although at first investors reacted with purchases, these were deflated as the end of the session approached. So, Wall Street It has not only closed with gains for the day, but also weekly gains of around 4%.

On the other hand, the markets are still pending the evolution of the pandemic. It seems that the new �micron variant is more contagious, although not as deadly as initially feared, but the new wave of infections is bringing back mobility restrictions and confinements in Europe. Hence the caution when taking positions until the scope of the new strain is clear.

The Ibex has closed its third consecutive session of cuts with a fall of 0.47% that has moved away from 8,400 points and has reduced weekly gains to 1.4%.

One of the great values ​​that stood out in yesterday’s falls was Inditex . The Galician textile has been moving by lurch for a few weeks, both due to the fear of new confinements, and because of the announcement of the succession in the presidency of the company. Today, Inditex shares have closed up 0.42%.

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