Day Without VAT Registered A Historical Record In Sales For Redeban With $ 560,000 Million

On the first day without VAT of the year, the economic reactivation that the country is experiencing was pleasantly visualized, with a high number of purchases and a historical record in billing values.

In addition, more than 2,100,000 purchases were registered through the different Redeban media, which means a growth of more than 34% over the average number of days without VAT last year.

In addition to the increase in the number of purchases, the expense of Colombians was higher through digital payments compared to previous days, even considering that for the first time, cash entered as a means of payment.

Thus, Redeban reached a historical record of $ 560,000 million, exceeding by 10.1% the best day without VAT of last year, which occurred in November.

On the other hand, the increase in sales of physical establishments represented a growth of 47.6%, with more than $ 430,000 million accumulated, which reflects an average ticket per customer of more than $ 258,000.

“We see with very good eyes the confidence that Colombians showed yesterday by increasing spending per purchase by 26.6% compared to the last day of the previous year,” commented AndrĂ©s Duque, president of Redeban.

Redeban’s analysis also reflects that on average more than 87,000 purchases were made per hour, thus demonstrating the stability and robustness of its infrastructure.

Colt Mike

Colt Mike

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