Teleworking Is Trading Down, TeamViewer Falls By 68% In 2021

TeamViewer , the German technology for connectivity software and one of the most used platforms for holding video conferences , became, thanks to remote work, one of the star values ​​of the Stoxx600 in 2020, a year that closed with increases of 37.5%.

But the expensive sponsorship of Manchester United , the return to the office and the profit warning (lower estimates) that the company announced on Wednesday have dragged their titles to 14.16 euros per share, all-time lows. In the whole of the exercise fits a collapse of 68%. Manchester United, meanwhile, loses 2% in 2021.

TeamViewer has lowered expectations for the current year and the medium-term outlook. For 2021, a turnover of between 495 and 505 million euros is expected, compared to the previous range of 525 to 540 million. For 2022 onwards, an annual growth of around 15% is expected, while they estimate that the EBITDA margin will be between 44% and 46% in 2021, and that it will recover in 2022, between 49% and 51 %.

Equits: “In our opinion, the stock can only get a positive boost in the short term through a change in the board of directors.”

“Compared to its counterparts, TeamViewer is still inexpensive, but a lot of trust has been destroyed by unfortunate communication,” Equits analysts note. “In our opinion, the stock can only receive a positive boost in the short term through a change in the board of directors, but this seems unlikely to us,” they add.

Zoom yields 23%
The annual balance is not favorable either for Zoom , another of the most popular platforms, which in 2020 increased by 396% , lost 23% in 2021. The 28% that yielded in September derailed the planned merger with Five9 , leader in customer service. customer.

Zoom offered 0.553 shares for each Five9 share. This valued the deal at about $ 14.7 billion at Zoom’s price of $ 361.97 per share on July 16. At the end of September, the share fell to $ 261.5, unbalancing the agreement. This Monday, with mid-session data, it was trading at $ 258.32.

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