Apple Wants To Prevent Children From Sending Or Receiving Sensitive Photos

There are many parents who care enough about the use that children make of their terminals. Apple is aware of this and works to offer the maximum possible security to those who have a device from the Cupertino company. An example is that you are working on a new feature that will allow you to protect your little ones from images they should never see.

The objective of the North American firm is to get, using the neural engines that are included in its most current devices, to know the contents of the images that are received on a phone or tablet (and even those that it intends to send) .

Thus, for example, it will be possible to reduce the impact of child pornography. The fact is that, once the operating system detects something that should not be used, it will proceed to block it – or, failing that, to blur what is seen on the screen.

In the case of shipments, the way to proceed is a little different. Here, in the case of detecting something that is not suitable for children, the first thing that will appear in your message on the screen indicating what the photograph in question is (for example) should not be sent.

And, in the case of persisting in this idea, they will proceed to send an email message to the father so that he knows what is happening. The truth is that the tool is the most interesting and surely many will appreciate its implementation to prevent problems with children and adolescents.

A function that will even be useful in adults
We say this because of the aggressions suffered by many women who receive images of explicit content that are not wanted, and that are very difficult to block the phones.

Now, with this tool that Apple has in mind and that is expected not long to be a reality, the desired limits can be established , since among other things it was able to access the tools integrated into the phones and tablets of the company. Cupertino company. And an example of what we say is iMessage. The truth is that this is one of those things that are appreciated to reach mobile devices.

The new feature, which will be established as part of parental control that can be used on Apple iPhones and iPads , is expected to arrive later this year on both the indicated mobile devices and computers using the macOS operating system .

Obviously, everything that has to do with the privacy of users will have to be reviewed quite well concretely , but without a doubt, the vast majority will appreciate being able to have control of unwanted content … especially for the little ones and, also, teenagers.

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