12-Year-Old Boy Sells NFT Collection And Earns 150 Thousand Dollars

Benyamin Ahmed (@ObiWanBenoni on Twitter), is a 12-year-old boy who has earned around 80 ethers (around USD 160,000 at the time of sale) for trading his collection of non-expendable tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum network.

The little boy created a series of images featuring colorful pixelated whale designs, each with unique features and accessories. The project, called Weird Whales, sold out in a few hours with a base price of 0.025 ETH for each collectible.

According to the boy on his website, the collection consists of 3,350 whales generated programmatically from an “ocean of combinations.” The collection gained popularity after Benyamin himself shared the process of his project in a Twitter thread prior to launch. According to the thread, her father works as a web developer and it was he who taught her about programming since she was around 5 years old.

The Weird Whales are a series of more than 3,000 colorful images of whales with different accessories.
The boy recounted his background in the world of digital art that he created his first NFT collection in the OpenSea Marketplace under the name Minecraft Yee Haa , which consists of 40 images he made in Photoshop.

Later, his father explained that there is an automatic way to generate thousands of them. That is how he created the concept of Weird Whales , inspired by the CryptoPunks collection .

To achieve the creation of his series, he contacted one of the developers of Boring Bananas, another NFT project, who shared a script with a Python template and supported it until launch, so that Benyamin himself could create his own images. According to the young developer, that was the key to later generating his images, creating a website and with some help from his father , launching Weird Whales.

The boy said that he was interested in the universe of non-fungible tokens , because he found them a very good form of expression online. His interest increased, after learning about digital art from popular collections such as CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC).

Through his Twitter account, the infant expressed the excitement of knowing that all his NFTs had been sold.

Some people speculate whether it really is about a 12-year-old, but so far there is nothing to prove that it is not.
“I created my first NFT collection on OpeanSea just to have a little fun, and then I got more interested in collectibles when BAYC and other avatar projects started rolling in. I also have a lot of games, from what I can see NFTs come in handy as custom avatars, ”says Ahmed.

Benyamin Ahmed has a YouTube channel where he shares videos about coding, it is also possible to find his profile on the collaborative development platform GitHub . The 12-year-old recently shared a website that contains a dashboard with the most important metrics regarding the movement of collectibles for anyone to refer to. As of today, the project’s smart contract is worth 100 ETH.

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