Malaise And False Repatriations Of Spanish Government And Liquidity Of CCAA

There is talk of the false repatriations of the Government, of malaise in the Government and liquidity of the CCAA.

The false repatriations that the Government arrogates to itself
Through its Minister for Foreign Action, Bernat Solé, the Generalitat has risen to its chest for the alleged repatriations of Catalan citizens abroad that have occurred during this pandemic thanks to the network of embassies of Catalonia.

Specifically, the Government of Quim Torra affirms that some 1,000 Catalans who were trapped abroad when the state of alarm was decreed, were able to return home thanks to its intervention. Well, everything indicates that none of that has actually happened.

The reason is that, as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recalls, these Catalan embassies do not have the powers to mediate in these processes. In fact, its only task is to answer questions and refer those affected to the Spanish embassies or consulates, which are the ones that can actually process repatriations.

Despite this, the Ministry of Foreign Action continues to sell that its participation has allowed the return of Catalans abroad. “It has been shown that offices abroad are a very important tool and a benchmark for Catalans in the world,” Solé himself assured yesterday. His words have been considered in Catalan political circles as one more “joke” of the independence movement.

Ministers irritated by the leaks of Podemos
It is said that the socialist ministers are quite annoyed by the continuous leaks carried out by their counterparts from United We Can. From what they say in private, the last straw has been the leakage of permission for children to go out for a walk from Sunday, a measure for which Pablo Iglesias wanted to hang a medal.

But the problem comes from afar. The socialist wing of the Executive recalls the increase in the minimum wage, an initiative that, they say, the socialists worked and that Podemos leaked, without consulting anyone “to try to make it profitable electorally.” Sources say that, despite the growing malaise, President Pedro Sánchez does not seem willing to intervene, to avoid a direct confrontation with Iglesias.

The CCAA anticipate treasury tensions
In a few days, the autonomies will have to face the payment of the salaries of the civil servants. They say that in some of them they fear literally running out of money for such a task due to the increase in spending that the fight against the coronavirus is assuming.

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