Tor Receives USD 600 Thousand Of Financing To Improve Programming Language

Tor receives more than USD 600 thousand of financing to improve its programming language.The funding will be used in the development of the Arti programming language. Arti allows you to improve the privacy that the Rust language currently offers.

Tor has confirmed to have received funding of USD 670 thousand in ZCash (ZEC) from the ZCash Open Major Grants (ZOMG) foundation. The improvement of the development of Arti, a programming language that improves the flexibility of Tor clients to be implemented in other systems.

The official statement was made from the ZOMG projects section, in which the delivery of the funds to the Tor Project team of developers, led by Al Smith, communications and fundraising strategist at Tor, was made official.

The funds will go towards improving Arti, an implementation of the Rust language, hence its name A Rust Tor Implementatio (an implementation of Rust Tor). This would make it easier to develop more flexible implementations allowing Tor to be brought to different computing ecosystems .

Tor is an internet connection network that offers more private browsing that cannot be tracked by third parties. For its operation, Tor runs network nodes, each of which has a Tor client that is responsible for redirecting network traffic between different nodes. This allows you to hide the IP addresses of the users.

Arti and ZCash, a merger for greater privacy
The Tor network was originally built on top of the C programming language. Every client on the network is programmed in this language. While C is quite robust, it is often difficult to integrate them into other ecosystems , such as a cryptocurrency network. With the creation of Arti, it is intended to make the work of developers much easier.

Arti, for his part, aims, in addition to creating a more flexible implementation of Tor, to be implemented within ZCash to improve privacy on the cryptocurrency network.

According to a post in the ZCash forum , in which the Arti language is presented, although it offers facilities to integrate it into other systems, it still presents difficulties regarding security implementations . With the recent funding, it is hoped to achieve a finished language that will allow the Tor network to scale better.

The ZCash Open Major Grants feature in Arti development
Since Arti’s presentation on the ZCash forum, the goal was to turn to ZOMG for language development funding.

ZOMG , for its part, is a non-profit organization dedicated to financing projects aimed at improving privacy on the Internet . This taking into account that ZCash is a cryptocurrency that stands out for its privacy

ZOMG receives funding directly from the ZCash network thanks to the implementation of ZIP (ZCash Enhancement Proposal) 1014- . It establishes that, in a period of 4 years, of the total cryptocurrencies that are mined, 20% will be allocated to the ZCash team, dividing that percentage as follows: 35% for the Bootstrap Project, 25% for the ZCash foundation, and 40% for ZOMG.

Likewise, the ZOMG portal offers an open financing system for projects oriented to the growth of the ecosystem, which allows them to receive donations from the community.

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