An Application With Blockchain Technology To Optimize Crops Production

“From good seed, good harvest”, says a popular saying. And, although he is right, not only the raw material is important. Technology is increasingly present in agriculture and can help improve crop yields. Proof of this is that the Asturian company Seresco has coordinated a new research project, called K-Chain, which has managed to integrate an application based on blockchain technology to optimize production processes in the field.

Specifically, the app offers support in the farmer’s decision-making to maintain the traceability of the agri-food product. It allows technology to be integrated into the work cycle to audit the horticulturist’s actions. In addition, it puts at your disposal a consultation tool that will help you, through precision agriculture techniques, to improve the quality of the harvest and reduce production costs. Thus, “it manages to generate value on its product and confidence on the market”, they point out from Seresco.

The solution, which is now complete, is responsible for verifying, validating and storing the information collected from the mobile application throughout the different stages of the production process: from harvesting, through entry into the chamber and pre-calibration, to packaging and shipping to the customer, which means a guarantee on the origin of the food for the final customer, they explain.

Blockchain technology also makes it possible to monitor the weather conditions in the growing areas and consult the hourly forecast for the current day, as well as for the days to come. In addition, in terms of agricultural and productive actions, the application records the agronomic processes on the ground and the post-cultivation production processes that take place in the production centers.

The pilot project has been tested on kiwi crops, but the system can be extrapolated to other crops such as pistachio or cider, adapting the algorithm to the specific growing conditions of each of them. According to Seresco, the pilot test has been carried out in a farm located in the Principality of Asturias, allowing the final customer the regional identification of the kiwi.

It has been executed together with the CTIC (Information and Communication Technology Center), the support in the field tests of the Asturian company KiwiNatur and the co-financing of the Institute of Economic Development of the Principality of Asturias (Idepa) and the European Fund of Regional Development (ERDF). “The possibilities offered by blockchain technology and the transversal platform developed allow solutions to be addressed for various use cases, such as pistachios or cider,” they indicate from Seresco.

The appearance of blockchain technology joins other new ones that are beneficial for agriculture, such as satellite and drone images, automation and digitization or networking.

The implementation of new software solutions in these fields represents a technological challenge for companies. In this field of agriculture, blockchain technology can bring transparency to food production processes, reinforcing security and trust.

Keep Sea Blue, an independent international organization based in Athens, uses Oracle’s blockchain technology to fight plastic pollution and keep the Mediterranean clean. Every year, eight million metric tons of plastic are dumped into the oceans, and the Mediterranean Sea, one of the most vulnerable environments in the world, is not exempt from this scourge. Keep Sea Blue collects about 150 tons of plastic per month.

Now, thanks to Oracle Cloud, through the blockchain-enabled platform, plastic can be traced from its point of origin to the specific coastal area where it was collected. The waste is then sorted and processed into Recovered Seaside Plastic, a certified recycled raw material that manufacturers and brands will use to make new products.

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