Emirati Etisalat Acquires 9.8% of Vodafone for 4,220 Million Euros

The operator of the United Arab Emirates has announced the acquisition of 9.8% of the shares of the British telecommunications company Vodafone for 4,400 million dollars (4,220 million euros). Vodafone said in a statement that the company “has been informed” of the operation and hopes to “build a long-term relationship with Etisalat.”

The Emirati firm details in a document published on the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange that it has acquired approximately 2,766 million shares of the group at 1.53 euros per share, which implies a 10% premium compared to the closing of Vodafone of the Friday.

Etisalat stresses that it will offer “full support” to the current management of the British firm and its business plan, disclosed last November, and will not seek representation on the board of directors. He further states that he has no plans to make an offer for the rest of the company or “exercise control or influence the board and management team.”

“We want to build a mutually beneficial strategic collaboration with Vodafone, with the aim of driving value creation in both companies, exploring opportunities in the rapidly changing global telecommunications market and supporting the adoption of a new generation of technologies”, said the director. Etisalat delegate, Hatem Dowidar.

The United Arab Emirates company assures that the operation aims to “achieve significant exposure in a world leader in connectivity and digital services.”

This is what thousands of couples ask themselves when they cross the threshold of retirement and begin a new life stage that implies changes. One of them is spending more time with your spouse, the one who now, and after decades of living together, has become a stranger. The consequence: divorces and separations between people over 65 have grown in recent years, and that is not only a vital adventure, but also a residential one.

It is time to think about where the two members of the ex-partner are going to live and what to do with the family home. Go ahead that there is no single solution and that, like almost everything in life, it depends on your economic situation and accumulated wealth. In times past, separating in old age was an occurrence that caused disbelief and rejection. But things (somewhat) have changed.

It is not the age group that divorces the most, but it is one of the fastest growing. In 2020, the last year with data from the INE, 7,592 people between the ages of 60 and 69 were divorced. And 2,075 over 70 years. In total, 9,667 elderly citizens regained their single status. That’s without counting the separations: 771 in 2020. But that was an atypical year due to covid.In 2019, those over 60 years of age were involved in 11,720 divorces and 1,002 separations.

The sociologist Mariano Urraco, professor at the Distance University of Madrid, explains how and why these transcendental decisions are made at late ages: “Before, people lived only one life and now they live several. Individuals make many more decisions about their lives, they have gained more freedom, more room for manoeuvre, and at a social level it is better seen for people aged 65 to get divorced; before it was like a stigma.”

Longer life expectancy and active retirement have a lot to do with this idea of ​​not giving up or being cornered. Urraco explains that previous generations of older people did not even have the real possibility of considering the change. “The current ones have a certain economic independence; We are talking about the generations that have lived through the time of greatest labor boom in the country, it is where the money.

From then on a new episode begins: that of looking for a new house . The main conditioning factor is the economic relief that the ex-partner has. “Those people who bought a home during their lives together are more likely to buy again than to rent, as long as their economy allows it,” according to the experience of Jesús Duque, vice president of Alfa Inmobiliaria. It is important that the home was acquired during the life of the marriage and that the couple was married under community property.

The Great Writer and The Passionate Poet As Well, He Graduated from University Of Florida in Journalism and Brad have around 12 years of experience in news and media section.

Sam Brad

Sam Brad

The Great Writer and The Passionate Poet As Well, He Graduated from University Of Florida in Journalism and Brad have around 12 years of experience in news and media section.

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