Beatport Will Accept Bitcoin As A Means Of Payment

Electronic music store Beatport will accept bitcoin as a means of payment. Beatport wants to take the new technologies to strengthen the music industry. The NFTs will feature 10 exclusive tracks from DJs like Sasha and Charlotte de Witte.

The online store specialized in electronic music Beatport, announced on April 20 that bitcoin will be a new payment method to acquire the songs they have in their catalog.

As indicated on its website, the store will become the “first major digital music retailer” to accept the first cryptocurrency on the market and this will be a reality from next June .

Beatport describes itself as a global community of DJs and producers , featuring a variety of high-quality audio products, including full song downloads, exclusive content from industry-leading record labels, and a streaming service of online music.

Beatport CEO Robb McDaniels indicated that “despite experiencing difficult times in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, DJs and music producers want to embrace new technologies and cryptocurrencies is one of them.”

In that sense, he considered that there is no reason to stop innovating , if in some way the community of artists who make life in Beatport, is going to benefit and strengthen.

Beatport to auction songs in NFT format
Founded in 2004, the company focused on 32 genres within electronic music such as  house , techno , drum & bass and dubstep , has also decided to join the frenzy caused by non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Beatport detailed that they partnered with the platform to launch a series of collectible songs called “Music for the dance floors of the future” and that will be auctioned tomorrow, April 23.

According to the publication, the NFTs will feature 10 exclusive and previously unreleased tracks from world-renowned DJs such as Sasha, Charlotte de Witte, Boys Noize and Pan-Pot. Also participating in the tokens will be visual artist Leif Podhajsky, who has worked with artists such as Tame Impala and the Sydney Opera House.

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