Earn 20% Interest On Your Cryptocurrency Deposits With Wallet

Thanks to the union of stable cryptocurrencies and Decentralized Finance (DeFi), the volatility of crypto assets is no longer an obstacle to their adoption. Therefore, Monedero has decided to offer its users a stable interest rate of 20% on UST deposits , so that saving in cryptocurrencies is very simple.

So far, only a few platforms have offered this service to their users. But, with a really low and variable interest rate, which barely exceeds 12% annual return. In addition, the fees that users must pay to use these services are often too high to be profitable.

Faced with this, the work of the Monedero development team has allowed it to become the first wallet in Spanish that integrates Anchor Protocol and the Terra ecosystem , to offer its users a fixed interest of 20% on all deposits of the stablecoin TerraUSD (UST).

Wallet offers the calculation of annual earnings and user funds can be withdrawn at any time. In addition, there is no minimum deposit amount and transactions are carried out very quickly and at low cost.

About TerraUSD
TerraUSD (UST) is a stable cryptocurrency that you can find among the more than 50 crypto assets that this wallet supports. UST is ranked 71st in market capitalization. Thanks to Terra’s blockchain protocol, UST is programmed to always be worth one US dollar and to be compatible with other blockchains such as Solana and Ethereum.

With this stablecoin, users can expect high and stable deposit returns thanks to the guarantee rewards of the PoS network. In addition, they have instant withdrawals and protection through the liquidation of loans at risk of under-collateralization.

You can buy UST in Wallet with your credit or debit card . Also, you can exchange it at a low cost for the main market pairs such as BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, USDT and any crypto asset that this wallet supports.

Be one of the $ 1,000 winners
To celebrate this integration of Terra in Monedero, the platform is distributing USD 1,000 in prizes to multiple users. You can be one of the winners of $ 10 or $ 50 UST just by being an active user of the wallet. If you want to know how to participate, click on the following link .

About Wallet
Wallet is a very easy to use cryptocurrency wallet that offers the cheapest cryptocurrency exchanges on the market. Also, it has a security system by means of a private key, two-factor authentication (2FA), security questions and a password, so that no one besides you gains control of your funds, while you can regain access to the wallet at any time.

Wallet is available in a web version and to download on your Android and iOS device .

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