Bitcoin Is The Monetary Alternative In This Crisis

Santiago Siri: “Bitcoin is the monetary alternative in this crisis”. One of the leaders of the crypto ecosystem gave his opinion on the monetary solution in the context of the economic crisis due to COVID-19.

Santiago Siri , one of the leaders of the global crypto ecosystem, again this week expressed his confidence in Bitcoin as an alternative monetary system in the face of the global economic crisis in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an exclusive interview with, Santiago Siri , a member of the Democracy Earth Foundation, explained that in a scenario where all the governments of the world are beginning to print currency in order to solve the financial crisis that has been triggered by the impact of the COVID 19 virus, such as the United States, which has injected 6 trillion dollars to solve the economic challenges that lie ahead, Bitcoin is the only system that will do the opposite :

In this context, where facing the reaction of governments is to print, Bitcoin is taking the radically opposite direction.
Siri referenced the upcoming Bitcoin halving , in which the rewards for mining the cryptocurrency are going to be cut in half and added to conclude:

The halving will, in the long run and considerably strengthen Satoshi Nakamoto’s proposed thesis as a monetary alternative to all trust-based instruments or all trust-based currencies that rule the world today.

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