Dogecoin Rise Forces To Reduce Rewards Of Mining Simulator Rollercoin

The cryptocurrency mining simulator Rollercoin suffered major inconveniences in recent days as a result of the 107% rise in dogecoin (DOGE), one of the cryptocurrencies used on the platform. This forced its owners to issue a statement on social networks to clarify the reforms they made to solve the enormous costs that this implied.

In an emergency statement posted on Rollercoin’s Facebook profile , the company reported on April 21, 2021 that it was forced to make adjustments to reward amounts and mining power in order to cope with changes in the market. . In addition, they made it clear that the deposit delays are due to the problems that the blockchain is experiencing as a whole, and is not the responsibility of the company.

Specifically, Rollercoin explained that the reward in DOGE has decreased because the amount of prizes distributed in total had reached one million dollars per month, driven by the “22,000% increase that DOGE has had since we started.” ‘Advertising revenue cannot cover these expenses. It is not that we want more money, but that we want to continue beyond next month, “they said.

In any case, the statement states that, even after these readjustments, “the reward at DOGE is thousands of times higher than a year ago.” Also, the reward in BTC and ETH was doubled as compensation, they remarked.

Another issue that the statement clarifies is that withdrawals are being made slowly and in small amounts due to the huge number of requests received, which caused the system to “collapse.” In this sense, they emphatically confirmed that Rollercoin’s intention is not to “steal from its users.”

Finally, the publication also confirms that the mining power has been lowered “for the first time in the history of Rollercoin” in order to lessen the influence of fraudulent players and to prepare the game for a future update. Among other things, this update would allow users to receive drops when playing games. It is clarified, however, that users will have the same balance in dollars as before the modifications.

In closing the text of the publication – which also includes a “surprise” giveaway for those who get there – Rollercoin asked users not to leave negative comments “without making a simple observation of what happens around the game and the market” . In turn, they pointed out that there are “many improvements and add-ons on the way”, but the company cannot sustain itself “not one more week” if it continues to give millionaire rewards.

What about Dogecoin?
Since mid-April 2021, DOGE has had a peak in popularity never before experienced. As CriptoNoticias reported on Tuesday 20, users of social networks carried out a move called Dogeday to publicize the cryptocurrency meme.

This historical interest, which was reflected for example in web search engines, also resulted in an increase in the value of the coin. On April 16, 2021, Dogecoin reached its all-time high of $ 0.4377. At the time of writing this note, its value was USD 0.2838.

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