Bankruptcy contests increased by 22% in July

Bankruptcy contests in Spain increased by 21.72% in July compared to the same month of the previous year and totaled 678 procedures, according to data published by Axesor.

From the company they explain that the end of the bankruptcy moratorium on June 30 “has reversed the good results that have been produced up to now in terms of the volume of bankruptcy proceedings declared” and “the increase that is taking place in manufacturing industries.

Likewise, Axesor warns that “the rebound experienced in the month of July could worsen as of autumn due to the contraction in consumption that we expect given the high levels of inflation.”

The sectors that registered the greatest increase in contests were education (175%) and real estate (83.35%) and agriculture, livestock, forestry and fishing activities (71.43%), and those with the highest number of contests they were trade and vehicle repair (799) and construction (544).

Between January and July, 3,616 bankruptcy proceedings were accumulated , which is 1.54% more than a year ago, with commerce and construction concentrating 37% of the procedures.

July has given continuity to the bad data in the transport and storage sector, where bankruptcy proceedings increased by 68.42%, raising the sum of the first seven months of 2022 to 169, a figure 26.12% higher than registered a year ago.

For its part, the hotel industry registered 1.64% more procedures in July, although in the first seven months of the year there was a drop of 28.26%.

Catalonia is confirmed as the one that registered the most bankruptcy proceedings until July
By autonomous communities, after the increase of almost 16% in the month of July, Catalonia is confirmed as the one that registered the most insolvency proceedings until July, with 883. This figure is 3.5% lower than that of the same period of the year past.

The Community of Madrid registered 770 competitions, being the second with the highest figure. If compared to July 2021, the competitions fell by almost 4% and in the accumulated figure for the year they fell by 3%.

They are followed, in absolute figures, by the Valencian Community, with 574 and an increase of 10.60% up to July, and Andalusia, with 329 and a rise of 13.45%. With a drop of 44.95%,

As for dissolutions , 6,095 were registered in the first seven months of the year, which translates into a decrease of 1.33% year-on-year, with commerce, hospitality and manufacturing being the sectors with the highest incidence and representing 26.4 % of the total.

Regarding the creation of companies , they were estimated at 7,411 only in the month of July and since January they added 62,979. This represents a decrease of 15.14% compared to June and 3% compared to the first seven months of 2021.

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